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San Francisco is arguably one of the largest tech hubs in the world. From startups to major corporations, almost everyone in the tech industry at some point has called  Silicon Valley home. With tech jobs offering larger payouts than ever before, it’s no surprise that in San Francisco, coders can bring in a huge amount of money for their services. 


With the tech industry in San Francisco continuing to grow, prospective coders from all over the world are flocking to the tech capital of the United States for a chance to cash in and change the world through code. So, just how much are San Francisco’s Coders racking up? 


Tech Job Trends in San Francisco


Tech job availability in San Francisco is higher than ever! 


San Francisco has consistently been a hub for technological innovation in the United States for the past century. Some of the tech world’s biggest names have either been founded in San Francisco or now currently call San Francisco home. Companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and a multitude of smaller companies and startups all have offices in Silicon Valley. If you’ve heard of a company, they most likely have a stake in the Silicon Valley tech scene. 


This hub of technical operations is nothing new. In fact, San Francisco has been a hub of technical innovation since the late 1800s. From the dawn of radio to the rise of the internet and the modern age of technology, the land of  innovation and technical prosperity has only continued to grow. As the world of technological innovation in San Francisco has continued to expand, naturally the need for well rounded and talented developers has risen. 


San Francisco by Numbers 


San Francisco has seen an increase in over 1.1 million tech jobs since 2010 with an overall job growth rate of 5%. The average salary for a tech worker in San Francisco is $145,000 per year, which is up 2% from 2018. To give some perspective, the average median salary across all industries in the US as of 2019 is around $147,000. It’s obvious that not only is tech a profitable field, but tech jobs in San Francisco prove to be especially valuable. 


Salary Breakdowns


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Tech remains one of the most lucrative career markets in the world.

Now that we’ve gotten a bit of background in regards to how big San Francisco’s tech scene actually is, you’re probably ready to get down to the important stuff. With so many jobs and so much demand for qualified technical experts, where do we begin? For simplicity sake, let’s break down some of San Francisco’s most popular tech salaries by job type.


Data Scientists – $150,000 per year 


As the name might suggest, the life of a technical Data Scientist pretty much revolves around one thing, data. Data Scientists are responsible for making sense of large amounts of data and breaking this information down into understandable terms. Data Scientists spend large amounts of time collecting, cleaning, organizing, and interpreting data. 


Data Scientists are also responsible for building algorithms that collect and optimize data as well as continuously i ways that their company extracts, stores and organizes data. Anyway, enough about data…let’s talk about a different kind of number. For such a complicated and prestigious technical job, you could imagine that companies would pay massive amounts of money for Data Science positions. Again, you’d be right. 


The average Data Scientist salary in San Francisco is $150,000. This of course does not include any bonuses, stock options, or fancy office perks and upgrades. On the low end, Data Science newbies earn around $117,000, which is the second highest starting salary on this list! Seasoned Data Scientists can potentially earn as much as $189,000 per year. 


Full Stack Developer – $147,000 per year


Full Stack Developers are another essential “jack of all trades” in the tech industry. You may have heard the terms “front end” and “backend” development. In short, front end developers create the side of applications that users can actually see. This includes the wording, pictures, and overall interactivity of a web page.


 Backend web developers focus on the “server” side of applications. Whenever you browse the internet or click on a website, the application must communicate with a variety of servers and networks to reroute your computer to the proper channels in order for you to actually view the webpage that you’re looking at. Backend developers are responsible for making sure all that communication happens and users are able to get to where they need to go in the quickest amount of time possible. 


Full Stack Developers combine the skills of both front end and backend developers. That means that Full Stack Developers have the ability to build both the user and server sides of applications. This job is continuing to rise in demand as companies are eager to look for well rounded individuals that can both build and maintain quality websites and applications.


The average salary for a Front End Developer in San Francisco is around $147,000 per year (excluding job perks, bonuses, and stock options).Full Stack newbies in San Francisco can earn as low as $65,000 while seasoned Full Stack Developers can earn as high as $260,000 per year. 


Software Developers – $134,000 per year 


As the creative minds behind some of the most prominent programs on the internet, Software Developers are responsible for working technical magic and putting raw ideas into code and churning out beautiful programs to be enjoyed by millions of users. While this is definitely a job with a lot of responsibility, the payout is pretty outstanding. 


The average Software Developer in San Francisco earns $134,000 per year. This of course does not include any end of year bonuses, company stock options, or standard office perks like free food, and transportation. 


With a starting salary of $99,000 per year, Junior Software Developers are still making a great income before they rise through the ranks. With an average max salary of $167,000 per year, the numbers speak for themselves when considering a lucrative career as a  Software Developer in San Francisco.


Cyber Security Engineer – $127,000 per year 


With so much technological innovation in the world and new applications being developed everyday, it only makes sense that someone should protect these sites and other users from anything malicious that may be lurking. That’s where Cyber Security Engineers come in. 


Everyone from major corporations to start ups and even the United States government has a need for Cyber Security Engineers. With developers and engineers working so hard to build such wonderful programs, trustworthy and talented Cyber Security Engineers are needed to protect them. 


The average salary of a Cyber Security Engineer in San Francisco is $127,000. Again, this does not include perks, bonuses, stocks, and free lunches. 


The starting salary for a Cyber Security Engineer in San Francisco is around $89,000 per year. Seasoned San Francisco Cyber Security Engineers can earn as much as $166,000 per year. If you’re passionate about user protection and are ready for the challenge of protecting applications from the internet’s most notorious hackers, look no further than a stable job in San Francisco’s Cyber Security market. 


Mobile Applications Developer – $125,000 per year


As the name might suggest, Mobile Applications Developers are responsible for building applications and other content that is processed and received by mobile devices. Mobile Application Developers are usually proficient in a variety of front end and back end languages as well as their desired mobile device’s operating system. 


The average salary for a Mobile Applications Developer in San Francisco is around $125,000 per year. This of course does not include any bonuses, stock options, or perks. Salaries for this particular position can range from $84,000 to $134,000 per year. 


UX/UI Design – $112,000 per year 


User Experience or User Interface Design refers to the accessibility and overall look of a webpage. Again, this is one of those tech careers that you don’t think about too much until you encounter a website that lacks a UX/UI touch. 


We’ve all seen those clunky and hard to use websites and applications. Not only are they super displeasing to the eye, they’re sometimes so awful that users can’t even fully experience them. UX/UI Designers are responsible for the way a website or application looks, feels, and interacts with the user. With the growing number of websites or applications available, this career is definitely one that is here to stay. 


The average salary for a UX/UI Designer in San Francisco is around $112,000 per year. This doesn’t include bonuses, stock options, or additional perks. UX/UI Designers can make as low as $84,000 per year and as high as $147,000 per year. 


How Does This Benefit You? 


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How does all this info affect your career goals?

If you’re new to coding or are just considering switching careers to the tech industry, you may be wondering what this all means for you. If you’re from the Silicon Valley area or are considering moving to San Francisco, these numbers may come in handy during your job search. 


As you continue to grow throughout your coding journey, keeping yourself informed of the industry’s latest happenings will be vital to your career success. 

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