Top Startups to Watch in San Francisco


The San Francisco Bay Area is no stranger to tech startups. There is no doubt that numerous startups in the tech industry have emerged there especially in 2018, which was the highest peak for tech companies in San Francisco. 


According to the Crunchbase 2019 Annual Review, “The San Francisco Bay Area raised 44 percent of US-based seed, venture and corporate venture funding dollars in 2019. This is down five percent from 49 percent in 2018.” 


Here we’ll see some of the most exceptional San Francisco Bay Area startups that are developing innovative solutions.




PayJoy employees gathering in Mexico
“PayJoy’s mission is to enable the underserved to escape the trap of poverty and gain economic freedom”


PayJoy is an innovative financial platform revolutionizing the finance industry in emerging countries. 
The company started out by financing smartphones for people in emerging countries. They finance up to 90% of the value of the smartphone, and the user pays the loan back over time. All users have to do is sign up on PayJoy’s software using their Facebook account, their phone number, and their government ID.
Like trying to get a credit card, getting a loan is hard if you don’t have a credit profile. Billions of people in emerging markets don’t have a credit record, and can’t get a loan or use finance to pay for things over time. What can people who have never had a loan do if they want to start building a credit profile? 
To address this issue, after their initial success financing smartphones, PayJoy launched a new product called PayJoy Cash. This product enables customers to obtain a microloan by using their smartphones as security collateral to guarantee the loan. After they have built up a credit history, they are better able to access other financial services. 
PayJoy knows how to take advantage of technology to build a better economic environment in emerging market countries. Since launching in 2015, PayJoy has reached nearly a million customers financing $100M of phones and loans.




Gladly employees working in their computers
Gladly purports to make customer service “radically personal.”


Gladly revolutionized the way that customer service works. With Gladly’s integrated platform, your customers will have a more personal approach to the company when they need to communicate with customer service. Gladly works by having facilitating a lifelong conversation with customers, which makes it a more organized way to deal with every individual case. 


In Gladly you’ll see faces, not cases, giving you a more intuitive dynamic with customers. Besides, the platform allows you to communicate in different ways, from messages to voice emails. Users can even set up tasks for the support service; that way, they make sure that their problem will be solved in an efficient way and that customers will remain happy. 


Gladly has raised more than $60 million in net revenue since 2014, the year they were founded.




Modsy logo
Modsy combines 3D graphics, computer vision, and creative curation


Modsy has changed the way people decorate and design their spaces at home. With this company, you’ll get the experience of working with an interior designer, and with the convenience of an online, 3D design. Modsy’s software allows you to see how a certain design with specific products would look in your house. They do this by AI-driven technology, which provides you a very realistic appearance of the designed spaces.


This idea was brought to life by Modsy founder and CEO Shanna Tellerman when she was planning on changing the appearance of a certain room in her house. Like all of us, she was not sure of the price and look of those changes, so she started using 3D technology to test the new look of that room and also come up with a price for the redesign. 


After this, Tellerman and her husband developed a new system that every person can use to design in real-time their spaces online. Now, this is the reason why this is one of the best San Francisco startups in 2020. Gladly mixed the benefits of technology with interior design. 


Since its founding in 2014, Modsy has made up to $70 million.




Zeemee logo
One of Zeemee’s goals is to help students create college communities that foster real-life relationships.


Zeemee is a college community app that helps students increase their yield and perform better in college. Zeemee allows students to connect with each other based on mutual interests, which is especially great for new students. They can meet others in the community even before their first day of school. 


In our opinion, this is one of the best ed-tech startups that you should know about. Something that makes Zeemee stand out from other educational tech-tools is that it shows data metrics of yield levels and academic improvements.




Tally coworkers gathering at the office
Tally is a fintech company that created one of the most life-saving mobile apps ever.


Tally is a debt manager that uses data analytics to find the most feasible ways to help you get rid of your debt. With Tally, you can track and clear your credit card debt in simple steps. One of the best things about their software is that you can manage multiple cards on the same platform. That way, you can have a bird’s-eye view of your overall debt situation. 


What’s more, Tally provides you with a fee protection service, which is amazing because you’ll never get charged for a late fee from your credit card again.


Tally has raised more than $92 million since they started.  


Do you want to know what it’s like to work at Tally? Follow this link.




Flieber logo
Flieber is disrupting supply-chain management for online retailers.


Flieber helps online retailers work more efficiently in terms of inventory, product supplies, and storage costs. Their platform is very intuitive and helps retailers run a smooth process—from the moment they need to purchase a new batch of a product to the moment the product is in inventory ready to be sold. Flieber gives retailers a full perspective of supply-chain management by allowing them to track freight costs, product stock, and so much more. In this way, Flieber helps you not only maintain accurate sales and inventory data and metrics, but also to execute on your supply-chain.




Large group of employees gathering in the Deliverr office
Deliverr helps companies find a feasible and affordable way to ship their products in one to two days.


Most people use Amazon regularly or have bought at least one product on their platform. And most of them are used to receiving their purchases in no longer than one to two days. For that reason, sales at most companies that sell products outside Amazon have dropped because they can’t afford to or find a way to ship their products within two days. 


That’s why Deliverr has been growing so fast. This company allows all sellers to find a feasible and affordable way to ship their products within two days. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about small businesses or large ones—Deliverr helps companies fulfill purchases quickly. 




Computer showing Xapix software
Xapix ensures data security for automotive companies.


Xapix is one of the most innovative companies in the automotive industry. They work with API technology to provide automotive manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers the most optimized experience in automotive production tools. With Xapix, users can have all the data related to automotive production. Xapix provides an intuitive software that ensures the technological security of their data. 


Xapix has raised more than $2 million since its founding in 2016. What’s more, they’re already working with major companies, including BMW and Daimler FleetBoard.



Krome employees in a group photo
Krome only works with experienced and high-quality designers for top-notch results.


Krome offers image editing services across the world. Krome can turn a photo taken with a phone into a great-looking ad, infographic or listing image. 


Krome offers affordable prices for their services, increasing access for small and medium businesses You may be thinking that because of their low prices you won’t get the result you want, but Krome only works with experienced and high-quality designers. This is the main reason why Krome has become so popular this year. Krome has raised more than $3 million since they started.




Quizlet employees at their office doing a high-five
Today, Quizlet works with more than 50 million users a month! 


Quizlet is one of the best platforms online for those who want to improve their study methods and start increasing their yield. With Quizlet, students can learn through interactive activities like games. It isn’t only an app for students, though; teachers can use it to assign tasks and track student performance. 


Quizlet has become so popular among students and teachers. The reason for this is that they use technology to create an easy-to-use platform with interactive features. Today, Quizlet works with more than 50 million users a month! 




A robot in front of an astronaut, the robot has a NASA logo in its chest
Robust wants to create autonomous machines. 


Robust is a company dedicated to creating safe and smart robots that will be efficient tools in the future. This company’s goal is to develop autonomous robots with top-notch technology. Robots usually have to remain contained in close environments because they need to be controlled all the time. What Robust wants to do is to create an “industrial-grade cognitive engine” that can learn efficiently and act with autonomy.


Newfront Insurance


Group photo of Newfront Insurance employees


Newfront Insurance is a company dedicated to making things easier for insurance customers and brokers. This company uses high-tech systems to simplify the buying process for clients. This way, users can find the best insurance for their needs, and brokers have a more optimized system as well. Clients can save money, and brokers can optimize their sales.




Webflow team gathering at the beach
Webflow is currently working with Eventbrite and NASA.


Webflow is a no-coding development company with an intuitive system. Both coders and non-coders can create efficient-working websites with Webflow since it’s very easy to use and provides amazing results. 


However, that isn’t the main reason why Webflow is so popular. Webflow allows you to work with built-in SEO tools to optimize your website. 


Want to know why Webflow is in our best startups to watch list? It is one of the most complete platforms for web development. It’s already working with great companies and institutions, like Eventbrite and NASA.




Phiar logo
Phiar has already raised more than $3 million.


Phiar created an artificial intelligence app that provides you a better driving experience through augmented reality. Phiar is here to change the way we perceive the road during our driving routine. That way, we are more aware of obstacles and can even improve our driving skills. 


Phiar’s software works with machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. Phiar has raised more than $3 million.




Carta team gathering in front of their headquarters
Carta has raised $447 million so far.


Carta helps investors and other companies manage their equity balance. This way, companies can get a cost-effective audit of their capital every time they want. Additionally, experienced financial analysts give valuations, providing Carta customers a better perspective of their equity.


One of the things that makes Carta so attractive is that they provide portfolio data showing financial performance in terms of equity. Carta has raised $447 million so far.




Gigster logo on a computer screen with their slogan
Gigster is now working alongside major companies in the healthcare industry.


Finding the best tech team isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It may take you some time to find the perfect members with great portfolios and outstanding skills. 


That’s why Gigster has become such a popular company. If you’re working on some software development project and want to have a capable team to do the job for you, Gigster can find the best software development team for that particular project. They’ll see your project needs, guide you through the process, and come up with amazing strategies. 


This company that was founded in 2013 is now working alongside major companies in the healthcare industry.



Group photo of Sentry team gathering outside their office
Sentry offers cloud-based error monitoring for web development.


Coding mistakes are impossible to avoid. You may be thinking you developed the perfect software, and suddenly an error pops up. That’s why Sentry created a variety of software development kits to help other developers detect coding errors and fix them in real time. Sentry offers cloud-based error monitoring that is a life-saving tool for most developers!




Miles co-founders in a group photo outside their office.
Miles aims to provide value for every mile traveled.


Are you a frequent traveler? Then Miles is a startup company you will want to know about. Miles is a rewards app where you can collect online rewards, called Miles.  Miles aims to provide value for every mile traveled on any form of transportation. You can redeem Miles at popular companies, like Getaround, Walgreens or Postmates. 


Employees at Miles enjoy an amazing work environment and career development opportunities.




Justin Mast, founder and CEO at Bloomscape
Justin Mast launched Bloomscape in 2018 to redefine the way consumers purchase and care for plants.


Bloomscape is an innovative direct-to-consumer online plant shop that delivers plants directly from greenhouses to consumers’ front doors. Bloomscape founder and CEO, Justin Mast, originally started with a plant stand on a street corner in Michigan when he was nine years old. 


Mr. Mast launched Bloomscape in 2018 to redefine the way consumers purchase and care for plants. He coupled his five-generations-in-the-making knowledge of horticulture with his degree in architectural design to develop a first-of-its-kind packaging technology. The package is made to easily deliver full-sized, healthy potted plants across the US. Bloomscape is the only company in the country that has this capability. 


This 1.5-year-old company combines unmatched plant quality with comprehensive care support to give customers the confidence to fulfill the role of proud “plant parents.” As part of their benefits package, Bloomscape employees are eligible for unlimited PTO and discounts on Bloomscape plants.




Codecov the tool for coverage reports
Codecov offers its services for free for up to five users per project. 


Codecov provides highly integrated tools to group, merge, archive, and compare coverage reports. According to Codecov’s website


Code coverage provides a visual measurement of what source code is being executed by a test suite. This information indicates to the software developer where they should write new tests in an effort to achieve higher coverage.


Codecov seeks to empower developers with tools to improve code quality and testing. 


Codecov offers free services for up to five users per project and other, paid plans for larger companies. 


Steve Peak founded Codecov three years ago as a bootstrapped company. It is 100% employee-owned, with healthy growth metrics and no debt. 




Instabase team at an outing
Instabase has a very inclusive philosophy and a diverse staff.


Instabase provides a powerful set of services and toolset for creators, developers, and organizations to help them build complex business applications based on their needs. That is to say, they provide easy building blocks help businesses design customized apps to meet any need. For example, a bank could use Instabase’s services and tools to customize their own app that verifies customer income through analysis of customer-submitted documentation. 


Instabase offers powerful tools, including optical character recognition, data classification and extraction, a natural language processor.


Anant Bhardwaj founded Instabase in 2015. In 2019, Instabase raised $105 million.




Apurata founders Patrick Wakeham and Jose Carrillo.
The founders create Apurata with the idea to help Latin America´s middle class.


Founded in 2016 and with headquarters in Lima, Perú, Apurata’s mission is to improve access to credit for Latin America’s middle class. Many people in Latin America work in the informal sector, which makes it difficult to get approved for bank loans.


Apurata offers easy and fast online applications to improve middle class society opportunities. Their process is very easy to understand, you select how much money you need, then give them as much personal information as you are able to. Later, Apurata gives you personalized offers. Loans can be approved and in your bank account in as quickly as 29 minutes, without any down payment. 


The company’s founders are Patrick Wakeham and Jose Enrique Carrillo. Apurata has estimated the value of their intended market to be $11 bn. 


Data Mechanics


Data mechanics logo
Data Mechanics claims to be the simplest way to run Apache Spark.


Jean-Yves Stepha and Julien Dumazert, co-founders of Data Mechanics, combined their experience and knowledge about Spark to create this young company just last year. Backed by Spark and Kubernetes, Data Mechanic’s mission is to build the easiest-to-use data platform. Essentially, they built a software-as-a-service platform that automates data engineering maintenance work. They automate all the infrastructure and DevOps work so data scientists and data engineers can focus on their core mission. 


Data Mechanics has a small team of passionate and humble engineers, who are always ready for the next technical challenge and for having a good laugh. This is an early startup, which can bring not only many risks, but also endless opportunities to learn new things. 


Lucid Drone Technologies


Lucid Drone in action
Lucid Drone Technologies designs their drones to be compatible with most softwash pump systems.


Lucid Drone Technologies is an aerial cleaning system provider. Lucid offers its own drone technology to clean building exteriors easily and with reduced liability. While traditional cleaning services may spend more time setting up than actually cleaning, Lucid’s drone is ready to use in less than five minutes. This technology is very cost-effective, has obstacle avoidance, and relies on environmental responsible chemistry to soft-wash exteriors. 


Lucid Drone Technologies was founded by two friends in 2017. It now has funding from Y Combinator and almost $400K in signed annual revenue. Lucid Drone Technologies offers drone training to customers, promising capable workers within a week.




Goodly founders with their first team members.
With Goodly, you will attract top talent and young employees who will grow with your company.


Goodly makes it easy for companies to offer student loan debt repayment as an employee benefit. With their app, they provide companies with tools to lower the average time their employees will be in debt. Many young employees prefer student loan repayment benefits over  401(k) contributions. Goodly reported that 86% of employees in America said they’d stay for at least five years with a company offering this benefit. 


In America, 70% of college students graduated with student loan debt. 45 million people owe $1.6 trillion in student loan debt. With US student loan debt only growing in the last ten years, we suspect that this will be a very profitable business. 


Goodly offers its service at a rate of $6 per month per employee. Employers pay $100 per employee per month in student loan repayment. 


This San Francisco-based company was founded by Greg Poulin and Hemant Verma in 2018. Pulin and Verma were inspired by their own experiences with student loan debt and how payment deadlines affected their daily life. 




Extend founders
This San Francisco startup offers great benefits to its employees, like a dedicated workspace to play ping pong.  


Extend is an API-first extended warranty solution that brings modern technology to an outdated industry that traditionally has been full of “gotchas” and fine print and has never put the customer first. The company automatically identifies the warrantable products you sell, and prices and pairs them with the best purchase protection plan. They value transparency with customers and a focus on technology to reinvent the way their merchant partners and end customers experience protection plans.


Extendis a venture-backed startup with over 50 employees. It was founded just last year. They offer a competitive salary and equity along with full health insurance and benefits. Employees enjoy a dedicated workspace with snacks and ping pong in downtown San Francisco. They also enjoy flexible schedules and time off. Plus, Extend offers a flexible vacation policy and company stock options.


As a high-growth startup in the heart of San Francisco, Extend’s employees are expected to work hard and solve tough problems for merchant partners and their customers. With that comes the opportunity for a fast track on career growth as new opportunities for promotions and taking on new challenges are available all the time. 




The Elpha team in a reunion.
Elpha is the place for women in tech to feel like they belong.


Elpha is a private community designed and built by women to provide opportunities, advice, and resources to women in tech. Cadran Cowansage, the CEO and co-founder of the company, has a master’s degree in biomedical informatics from Columbia University and undergraduate degrees in computer science and biology from Colby College. 


As a woman in the tech industry, Cowansage realized the need for a place where women felt comfortable talking candidly about tech. Also,through an online platform, Elpha members are able to network with other women in the industry. Last November, Elpha’s final seed round collected $1.1 million; Y Combinator was the lead investor. 




the Doorstead team
Doorstead is changing the way the real estate business works.


Doorstead leverages big data and operations technology to disrupt the $50Billion property management industry. They are pioneering a new class of risk-free property management by providing landlords guaranteed rental income, regardless of occupancy. Their mission is to give property owners and tenants true peace of mind. 


The founders of Doorstead, Ryan Waliany and Jennifer Bronzo, started the company in 2019. They built it with a belief in transparency and in cultivating long-term relationships with customers.


Doorstead offers competitive benefits to their employees, including 401(k) contributions. Doorstead raised $3.3 million in its first round in October 2019; Silicon Valley Data Capital was the lead investor. 


Domino Data Lab


Domino Data Lab team at an outdoor activity
This startup is superchanging businesses by helping them unleash the power of data science.


Domino is a data science platform that enables data science teams to rapidly develop and deploy models that drive breakthrough innovation and competitive advantage. Their mission is to unleash the power of data science to address the world’s most important challenges. Their core values are customer devotion, iterate to excellence, seek the truth, speak the truth, win together, questions before answers, and reason before action. Domino data lab has offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Stamford, London, and Bengaluru.


Chris Yang, Nick Elprin, and Mathew Granade founded the company in 2013. In 2018, they collected $40 million from investors like Coatue Management, Sequoia, Zetta Venture Partners, Bloomberg Beta, and In-Q-Tel.




BlackBird Air logo.
With the Blackbird app, change the way you travel.


BlackBird is a flight-sharing marketplace that uses technology to create a seamless experience, getting travelers to their destination through the magic of private flight.

Blackbird’s app makes it easy for travelers to connect with charter transportation services. The user experience is as easy as choosing your destination, picking a plane, and taking the flight. Connecting travelers with pilots, Blackbird is making five-hour trips for weekend getaways a thing of the past. 


Blackbird’s founders Jamie Loberman and Rudd Davis, wanted to create an affordable, fast, and convenient way for people to travel. Last year, Silicon Valley venture firm NEA invested $10 million in Blackbird. 




members of the Bolt Team
Improve your online experience with Bolt. 


Bolt was founded in 2014 by Ryan Breslow with the goal of perfecting online checkout. Basically, their product is a checkout platform designed for the customer, reducing fields and creating a mobile checkout experience. Also, Bolt offers 100% chargebacks in cases of fraud.


Bolt’s core values are writing over talking, be 20% wrong, all or nothing, extreme ownership, and win as a team. They have offices in San Francisco, New York, Salt Lake City, and Toronto. They have 23 open positions and offer excellent benefits, like flexible PTO, health insurance, a monthly wellness stipend, commuter benefits, paid parental leave, daily lunches, monthly team events, retirement plans, and pet-friendly offices. 


Bolt has raised $90 million in funding since its founding. 




Alyssa Ravasio founder of Hipcamp on the left
Hipcamp is the Airbnb of public and private campsites.


Hipcamp is an online marketplace to finding unique camping experiences. Hipcamp lists campsites located in public parks and private lands. They currently have over 370,000 listings across the country, including sites in every U.S. state.


Alyssa Ravasio, Hipcamp’s founder, came up with the idea on which Hipcamp is based after she tried to find a campground in 2013 and founfd herself with multiple tabs, frustrated and with not more information to go on. Now, with Hipcamp, you can find all you need in one go, including information about campsite costs and activities. 


As per Hipcamp, 

Our overall mission is to get more people outside and, more specifically, to inspire the next generation of people who are passionate about exploring AND protecting our lands. 


In 2014, Hipcamp raised $2 million in seed funding led by O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and Slow Ventures. Last year, Hipcamp raised $25 million




Algolia team
With the powerful tools it offers, Algolia changes the way businesses are managed.


Algolia’s mission is to give development teams building blocks to create a fast and relevant search experience. They are a computer software platform that provides tools like API, search-as-a-service, and e-commerce. Especially on the e-commerce side, Algolia offers a personalized shopping experience, powerful analytics to adapt customers, built-in merchandising and business logic, and controlled experiments to optimize performance.


Algolia has 70+ data centers on 6 continents to ensure a consistent experience for every user. With so many locations, the company provides great opportunities for career growth.


Algolia was founded in 2012 by Julian Lemoine and Nicholas Dessaigne. In October of last year, the company raised $110 million; the leading investor was Accel. 




Chorus offices
Imagine launching in this Chorus office, eating one of the catered lunches they offer to their employees.


Founded by Roy Raanani and Russel Levy in 2015, Chorus provides a conversation intelligence platform. They use machine learning and AI to analyze hours-long conversations in a few minutes and provide summaries, highlights, and alerts. Their technology is so powerful that it can even isolate speakers to assess engagement and reactions. 


Chorus has offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and Boston. Employee benefits include flexible vacations, catered lunches, top-tier benefits, and equity. If you are a scientist, engineer, businessperson, or product designer with an interest in NLP, AI, deep learning, SaaS and B2B sales, this may be the company for you. 


Chorus raised $33 million in 2018 and a total of $55.3 million in investments. 




Nurx app on an iOS device
Manage your health needs with the Nurx app.


Nurx is the most convenient and affordable way to manage essential health needs, starting with birth control, PrEP, STI testing, and STI treatment. They believe that healthcare is unconditional and that everyone should have the freedom to live well regardless of their circumstances. 


Every key decision Nurx makes is centered around the patient. They empower people to take control of their health. The company has a trailblazing spirit and will always go the extra mile in their mission to redefine healthcare. They always question the status quo and relentlessly pursue better ways. 


Nurx provides their employees with great benefits that include generous medical, dental, and vision plans, San Francisco commuting benefits, monthly gym and wellness perks, 401(k) contributions, fun company events, and fully-stocked fridges for snacks and meals at the office.


Nurx was founded in 2014. It has offices in San Francisco (HQ) and Miami, and also owns and operates a pharmacy in Syracuse. Last year, Nurx raised $32 million in investments.




The Zipline team with one of their drones.
Zipline delivers medical supplies in countries like Rwanda. 


Zipline is a drone delivery company created in 2014 by founders Keenan Wyrobek, Keller Rinaudo, Will Hetzler. Their mission is to provide every human on Earth instant access to vital medical supplies. They design, test, and manufacture their own technology to meet the healthcare industry’s high standards. 


Zipline has distribution centers in many countries. These distribution centers function as medical centers and drone airports. They are located in different regions to create a nation-wide distribution network. 


Zipline employs people in many countries and offers great benefits, like generous parental leave, paid vacation policy, a monthly wellness stipend, dog-friendly offices, health insurance, monthly team events, and much more. They have open positions in the US, Africa, and Asia.  Regarding funding, Zipline has raised a total of $233 million.


Fiddler Labs


Fiddler Lab founders Amit Paka and Krishna Gade
With Fiddler Labs, you will understand AI as if it were a simple sum. 


Founders Amit Paka and Krishna Gade created Fiddler Labs in 2018. The idea was born from the belief that people see AI technologies as a black box, so building trustworthy and understandable AI solutions tackled that problem. The company offers a breakthrough AI engine with “explainability” at its heart. 


Fiddler Labs tries to achieve true explainability in the AI world. This includes understanding predictions, learning how AI solutions behave across entire data sets, validating compliance, and monitoring performance. 


Fiddler Labs has raised $13.2 million in funding. They are looking for new teammates in San Francisco; joining their team could provide a great opportunity to grow alongside the company. 




FlockJay website
Flockjay’s UI is very intuitive and user-friendly. Their platform allows users to start their studies and pay only after finding a job.


Flockjay’s mission is to empower upward mobility through education and access. Classes at Flockjay are all online, which makes them truly accessible to students all over the United States. Their program provides training for in-demand jobs and fast-tracked interviews at top companies. 


Students at Flockjay come from all walks of life. The company believes students’ diverse backgrounds make them stronger candidates. Their program consists of a 12-week training course, with 8 weeks of online classes and 4 weeks of sales projects, job interviews, and placement. 


The proof is in the results: FlockJay places graduates at the highest levels of the tech industry. Of note, the program is absolutely free until graduates are hired. 


FlockJay has job openings in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago. They have a 4.9-star rating on Glassdoor with generally great reviews from employees.  


Shaan Hathiramani created FlockJay in 2018 and the company has raised $3.1 million in funding.




Mode team group photo


Mode is a data analysis platform that provides its clients with top-notch tools for data analysis. Mode combines R, Python, and SQL all in one place, so you can share data metrics with all members of the data analysis team and create relevant actionable strategies. Through a platform that provides top-notch analytics tools and fosters a collaborative environment, Mode helps companies analyze more efficiently.




Study team group photo
Study is a startup that aims to help students achieve their academic goals.


Study is a startup that aims to help students achieve their academic goals. Through fun, educational videos on Study’s website, students can learn about many subjects in a dynamic way. Study also offers online courses; students may be able to earn transfer credit at their college or university when they complete one or more of these. And if students need some guidance for important decisions they want to make, they can always go to Study’s website and find valuable information about career development and educational opportunities.




NUVIA founders Gerard Williams, Manu Gulati and John Bruno.


NUVIA is a startup that develops top-notch, high-speed processors. One of the most outstanding things about NUVIA’s processors is their power efficiency. They work with a silicon design, which is a potent material for creating processors. Apple had major success over the past decade with its silicon-designed processors, and now NUVIA has recruited a great team that is able to develop such high-speed processors too.




Groove logo.


Groove is a data-driven startup that helps companies increase their productivity. Groove’s software combines Gmail, Google Calendar and Salesforce into one streamlined platform. This supports users as they seek to optimize activities, track performance, and more effectively communicate with customers. 


Groove started out in San Francisco in 2014. The company was founded by three Google employees who wanted to build software that would boost their customers’ productivity. Now Groove is working with Google, Prezi, Slack, and Hotschedule. 




Woman jogging during a sunset


The startup Motiv is revolutionizing the fitness tech industry. Motiv’s most well-known product is the Motiv Ring, which works as a fitness tracking device. Motiv designed the ring for 24/7 use. Motiv’s mobile app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices, gives users a 360-degree view of their fitness lives. The ring is waterproof, durable, and has a three-day battery life.


By far the coolest feature of the Motiv Ring is its ability to help protect your online identity. Motive provides a method for two-step verification that is compatible with many companies, like Google and Amazon. It allows you to verify your identity at login with simple hand gestures.


Motiv has raised $21.6 million in eight rounds. 




Computer showing statistics graphic
Kloudless builds and maintains cloud services to save you the hassle of doing it yourself


Kloudless offers API services to help you add cloud service integration to your software. For example, some of their APIs include unified cloud storage, a unified calendar, and a unified CRM. Kloudless builds and maintains cloud services to save you the hassle of doing it yourself. 


As an employer, Kloudless offers many benefits, including fitness reimbursement, the possibility to work from home, dog-friendly offices, and awesome locations. If you are experienced in web application development, distributed computing, machine learning, or system management, then Kloudless may be for you.  


Kloudless, which was founded in 2014, has raised $7.4 million in investment income. 


Health Gorilla


stethoscope next to a computer


Health Gorilla helps more than 47,000 care sites stay connected. Their API is able to retrieve medical data from thousands of vendors, clean it, and match it to the right patient. Health Gorilla invests heavily in a/its robust security system; it aims to be the first trusted clinical network. With Health Gorilla, patients, providers patients, payers, providers, and labs can seamlessly share health data and aggregate each patient’s entire clinical history in one place. 


With offices in California and Eastern Europe, Health Gorilla is an excellent choice for engineers and operators. Plus, their awesome benefits include your own MacBook Air and the ability to work from home. 


Founded in 2014, Health Gorilla has raised $9.7 million in funding over six rounds. 


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