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Arguably the tech capital of the United States, Silicon Valley is home to some of the biggest technical innovators and companies in the world. With new companies and startups moving to the Bay Area, San Francisco’s tech scene is continuing to grow at lightning speed. SF is home to a variety of innovators in the tech industry. 


With so much happening in the city’s tech scene, it’s only fair that we take the time to acknowledge a few of the people who have changed San Francisco’s tech industry for the better. Ready to meet some of SFs most influential people in tech? We’ve got the breakdown! 


Tech Job Trends in San Francisco


Tech job availability in San Francisco is higher than ever! 


San Francisco has consistently been a hub for technological innovation in the United States for the past century. Some of the tech world’s biggest names have either been founded in San Francisco or now currently call San Francisco home. Companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and a multitude of smaller companies and startups all have offices in Silicon Valley. If you’ve heard of a company, they most likely have a stake in the Silicon Valley tech scene. 



This hub of technical operations is nothing new. In fact, San Francisco has been a hub of technical innovation since the late 1800s. From the dawn of radio to the rise of the internet and the modern age of technology, the land of innovation and technical prosperity has only continued to grow. As the world of technological innovation in San Francisco has continued to expand, naturally the need for well rounded and talented developers has risen. 


San Francisco by Numbers 


San Francisco has seen an increase in over 1.1 million tech jobs since 2010 with an overall job growth rate of 5%. The average salary for a tech worker in San Francisco is $145,000 per year, which is up 2% from 2018. To give some perspective, the average median salary across all industries in the US as of 2019 is around $147,000. It’s obvious that not only is tech a profitable field, but tech jobs in San Francisco prove to be especially valuable. 


San Francisco’s Tech Influencers


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Tech remains one of the most lucrative career markets in the world.


Now that we’ve gotten back to the San Francisco tech scene’s roots, let’s take a look forward to the future. Here are the top tech influencers in Silicon Valley who have helped shape and innovate the city’s tech atmosphere. 


1. Emily Chang

Anchor and Executive Producer of Bloomberg TV


Emily Chang is the anchor and executive producer of Bloomberg Technology, a live daily show about technology, innovation, and the future of business. She’s also the host of “Studio 1.0,” an in-depth interview show, where Chang speaks to influencers in tech and media. 


Before joining Bloomberg, Chang was an International Correspondent for CNN based in Beijing and London. Chang is also on the board of BUILD, a non-profit organization that helps keep disadvantaged, disengaged kids in school by teaching them entrepreneurship. Chang received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from Harvard University. 


2. Andrew Ng

Co-Founder and Chairman of Coursera


Andrew Ng is the co-founder and Chairman of Coursera, an innovative online educational platform that gives students across the globe access to courses taught by industry professionals. 


Aside from running Coursera, Ng is also a general partner of the AI Fund, the founder of deeplearning.ai, chairman of the board at Woebot Labs Inc, and the Founder and CEO of Landing AI. Ng is also an adjunct professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. 


3. Benedict Evans

Social Media Influencer and Partner at Andreessen Horowitz


Benedict Evans is a major technical social media influencer and also a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Evans has thousands of followers on twitter and regularly puts out a newsletter comprised of Silicon Valley’s top tech stories and job trends. 


Prior to working in Silicon Valley, Evans received a Masters in History from the University of Cambridge. 



4. Andrew Chen

Social Media Influencer and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz.


Andrew Chen is a social media influencer and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Chen is also currently a limited partner at Work Life Ventures. Prior to working at Andreessen Horowitz, Chen led Uber’s Rider Growth Product team for 3 years. Chen has also been an angel investor for various startups for the past 11 years. 


Prior to working in tech, Andrew Chen received a degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington where he graduated at the age of 19.


5. Tony Xu

Co-Founder and CEO of DoorDash


Tony Xu is the co-founder and CEO of DoorDash, a delivery platform that rivals the likes of Grubhub and Ubereats. Prior to founding DoorDash, Xu was an associate at Matrix Partners, an intern at Square, and the Head of Business Development at eBay Mobile. 


Xu graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations research and also received an MBA from the Stanford School of Business. 


6. Marco Zappacosta

Co-Founder and CEO of Thumbtack


Marco Zappacosta is the co-founder and CEO of Thumbtack, a digital platform meant to connect private contractors and freelancers with homeowners and other members of the public looking for such specialists. The application has risen to rival some of the industry’s most established services such as Angie’s List. 


Prior to starting Thumbtack in 2009, Zappacosta received a degree from Columbia University in New York. 


7. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

President of Stubhub


Sukhinder Singh Cassidy is currently the President of Stubhub, the popular event ticket sales platform. Cassidy has been a profound champion of women’s rights in the tech industry for some time. 


Cassidy is also the founder of theBoardlist, a curated marketplace to help companies discover women leaders for private company boards. Cassidy is currently on the board of directors for Urban Outfitters and has previously been on the board of directors for Tripadvisor and Ericsson. Cassidy was also previously the President of Google’s Asia Pacific and Latin America Operations and the Business Development Manager for Amazon. 


Cassidy currently holds a bachelor’s degree from Western University and a business degree from Ivey Business School at Western University. 


8. Divya Nag

Director of Health at Apple


Divya Nag is currently the Director of Health at Apple. Nag has a long history of merging health and technology that started during her days at Stanford University as a Biomedical Engineering student. 


Nag went on to become Chief Product Officer of Startx, the co-founder of Stem Cell Theranostics, and the founder of StartX Med, before landing a position at Apple 5 years ago. 


Nag has a variety of medical/technical research papers published and currently speaks 3 languages; English, Spanish, and Hindi. 


9. Anne Wojcicki

Co-Founder and CEO of 23andMe


Anne Wojcicki is the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, a genomics and biotechnology company that collects genetic samples of clients in order to help them trace their genetic history. The company has gained immense popularity over the years and now has genetic testing kits available both through mail order and in retail stores. 


Prior to starting 23andMe in 2006, Wojcicki worked as a healthcare analyst for a variety of biomedical companies and also received a degree in Biology from Yale University. 


How Does This Benefit You? 


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How does all this info affect your career goals? 


I’ll be honest, that was a lot of information. If you’re new to the coding scene, you may be wondering why knowing the names of all these people matters. The simple answer is the fact that knowing who has built a name for themselves can actually help you do the same thing. 


Many prominent members of the tech industry are known for giving back to small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs. Keeping yourself informed on the “who’s who” of the industry could actually end up greatly benefiting your own endeavors and tech career goals. 


When it comes time to garner investments for your own company or if you’re looking for your dream job in tech, you never know whose door you might be knocking on. Additionally, you never know who you might meet in a coffee shop or an elevator ride. Staying informed about the tech industry’s latest happenings can help you advance your own coding career! 

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