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SV Academy is an online and full-time 12-week business mentoring fellowship. This tuition-free program focuses on connecting businesses to individuals willing to develop their sales skills for a job in the tech industry. The program focuses on skill-building, experiential (real-world) learning, and job-based coaching through mentorship. The curriculum includes on-the-job training through an internship at a tech company before working full-time in sales. The program then matches students with a company that they determine is a good fit. Mentorship continues for the first 12 months after getting hired for a full-time sales job in tech.

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The tech sales fellowship program at SV Academy is not coding-related. Students do not need any coding skills to qualify for (or complete) the program. An application is required, and certain qualifications must be met to be accepted. SV Academy recommends that ideal candidates be great communicators, motivated job seekers, creative, adaptable, and willing to endure a heavy workload. The program relies on mentorship and coaching to train students to be effective in the tech sales market. The program is designed to be a direct-to-career system, where students are trained specifically for (and by) the people they will eventually be hired by.

Students begin their fellowship in a part-time 12-week training program. Students are expected to commit around 15 to 20 hours per week to the program.  The duration of the fellowship is technically much longer, but classes only run for 12 weeks. After the program, students are hired by the company they’re matched with that. They will spend at least one year working for the company that hires them, and training through the fellowship will actively continue for the duration of that year. Afterward, students are free to remain at the company if they choose.

Students who successfully complete the program will be matched to an employer and head directly into a job. It’s not optional—employment is part of the tuition-free obligation of students. The SV Academy site specifies that graduates enter the workforce with a starting full-time offer of $79,000 annually. While employment with tech sales skills is not specifically limited to Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York, the job guarantee only applies to the aforementioned locations at this time.

The program is completely tuition-free. No relocation is initially required, though students who complete the program expecting a job guarantee will have to relocate to San Francisco (or the surrounding region of Silicon Valley) if they do not already live there. Students can also choose to relocate to New York City or Boston. Instead of tuition payments, students are required to make several commitments. Students who join the fellowship are initially required to complete all of their coursework and mentoring sessions to the best of their ability. Additionally, students who make it through are expected to commit to the company that hires them for at least 12 months and to ‘give it their all’ while working there. SV Academy calls this its ‘upfront-training’ system. The SV Academy website specifically states that the cost of the program is $10,000, which is paid for by the employer you will eventually work for.

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Tech Sales

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