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According to Forbes, San Francisco is the nation’s leading tech hub and will remain at the top for the next few years. With at least 222 IT companies and 373,430 tech workers, the San Francisco Bay Area has the nation’s most prominent tech talent pool and has even ranked first in the US for IT talent concentration.

Coding Dojo is a tech bootcamp with a campus within the San Francisco tech hub. Aspiring tech professionals based in San Francisco can learn the essential building blocks of web and software development and launch their careers in tech with Coding Dojo’s 14-week Software Development Onsite Full-Time Bootcamp.

Coding Dojo

Three Top Reasons to Learn Software Development at Coding Dojo’s San Francisco Campus

An infographic covering the key concepts you’ll learn at Coding Dojo’s San Francisco campus

1. Become a Software Developer in 14 Weeks

During Coding Dojo’s Software Development Bootcamp, students devote 70 to 90 hours per week to learning fundamental skills in software development. The course is suitable for beginner and advanced level students. The school provides hands-on training, assistance from professional instructors, and a unique learning platform to challenge and support the students throughout the program. 

Coding Dojo students and alumni also have unlimited access to career services on every phase of the bootcamp. Since 2012 Coding Dojo has placed thousands of alumni in successful tech positions, reporting a placement rate of 89.1 percent within six months and a $72,345 average starting salary nationwide. Coding Dojo’s student outcomes report provides more detail regarding job placement information.

2. Three-Stack Approach

Unlike other bootcamps that teach one stack at a time, Coding Dojo students learn three stacks simultaneously: a Python full stack, MERN full stack, and C# full stack. Without sacrificing depth for breadth, the curriculum covers a broad spectrum of front-end and back-end technologies. As a result, Coding Dojo students graduate with several useful skills and a diverse portfolio.

3. Easy Access to a Rich Tech Community

Silicon Valley is home to many startups and the world’s largest tech giants, including Google, Apple, PayPal, Adobe, HP, Cisco, and Salesforce. It offers a unique learning environment and the right job market for Coding Dojo students studying on the San Francisco campus. The school has placed its alumni at many Californian companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, Disney, etc. 

Coding Dojo’s San Francisco Bootcamp Curriculum Overview

Software Development Program Overview

Coding Dojo’s Software Development Bootcamp curriculum covers a variety of front-end and back-end technologies. This allows students to graduate with three full stacks at their disposal. Having these skills, Coding Dojo grads are fully equipped to break into the tech industry and master additional coding languages in the future. 

Programming Basics

Before starting the bootcamp, aspiring Coding Dojo students take a skills assessment. Based on the results, they may be recommended to attend a two-week warm-up course to feel more prepared for the first day of class. During the warm-up program, they become familiar with technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, VS, Terminal, and GIT. Programming basics is completely free. It is covered in the cost of tuition.

Web Fundamentals

The first two weeks of the bootcamp are dedicated to learning the basics of front-end development. Students will build interface websites in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from scratch and also focus on website animation with JavaScript and jQuery.

Python Full Stack

During Weeks 3 to 6, Coding Dojo students learn Python, one of the most popular programming languages in the tech industry. Python is widely used in web development, machine learning, data research, scientific computation, and cloud infrastructure. Moreover, it is favored by tech giants such as Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

MERN Full Stack

MERN is the second full stack that Coding Dojo students master during the bootcamp. MERN is a simple JavaScript framework used to create dynamic web pages and apps. It is also a free and open-source stack. As it operates only with JavaScript on every application level, MERN is considered an efficient approach to web development.

C# Full Stack

The third full stack taught at Coding Dojo’s San Francisco campus is C#. This programming language creates desktop programs, background services, online applications, and mobile apps. Students’ commitment to studying C# is highly rewarded on the job market due to its versatility. 

Coding Dojo Classroom Experience

Coding Dojo students participate in a variety of exercises and activities throughout the day. These include the following:

  • Algorithm sessions. This is a daily morning exercise where students write their solutions to algorithm challenges and discuss them with their instructors and peers.
  • Lectures and discussions. Every day students are given lectures on daily topics. These include demonstrations on the work of various technologies and tools of the trade. 
  • Group activities. Coding Dojo students work on challenging group projects to develop their teamwork and collaboration skills.  
  • Tech talks. Coding Dojo invites developers with varied experience to share their success stories with students. 
  • Crunch time. Students review course information, tasks, and projects for the upcoming day during this activity.
  • Breakout sessions. Coding Dojo instructors do live coding demos in front of the students to show their approach to various development problems.
  • Material review. At the end of each day, students review the material they learned during the bootcamp with the instructors.
  • Homework. When classes finish, the students can stay on campus and work on their homework until 10pm. 

Application Process: Four Steps to Enroll at Coding Dojo’s San Francisco Campus

After training over 8,000 students, Coding Dojo believes that dedication, not coding experience, is the most vital aspect for student success. Therefore, there is no coding challenge or a technical evaluation as part of the admissions process. To enroll in Coding Dojo’s Software Development Bootcamp in San Francisco, you need to follow these steps. 

  1. Schedule a Q&A call with admissions or join the next Open House. Arrange an appointment with a school representative to learn more about the bootcamp. 
  2. Apply for the selected bootcamp. Once you are ready to join the bootcamp and decide on the start date, feel free to submit your application
  3. Complete an interview with an admissions adviser. Coding Dojo’s advisor will interview you to make sure that you are ready for the immersive training. Expect a decision regarding your acceptance within two to three business days. 
  4. Make a deposit to enroll. Once your application is approved, you can make a deposit to secure your spot and obtain access to bootcamp preparation materials.

Coding Dojo-San Francisco Bootcamp Tuition and Payment Options

An infographic covering tuition and payment options at Coding Dojo’s San Francisco campus

The tuition cost for a 14-week Software Development Onsite Full-Time Bootcamp at Coding Dojo’s San Francisco campus is $16,495. Applicants can save $1,500 from their tuition when they pay up front. Alternately, students may opt for more flexible payment options, all of which require a deposit of $1,000.

Students can pay for the bootcamp in installments with zero-percent interest and no required credit check. They can also apply for third-party tuition loans with Climb Credit or Ascent to qualify for a monthly payment plan starting at $238 per month. VA educational benefits are also available for qualified military veterans. You can schedule a call with an admissions officer to discuss available funding options

Thrive in Tech with Coding Dojo’s San Francisco Bootcamp

Living in the nation’s leading tech hub with unlimited job opportunities should make you think about your career as a Software Developer. Coding Dojo’s unique three-stack Software Development Onsite Bootcamp covers a wide range of front-end and back-end technologies and can help you break into tech in just 14 weeks. 

Learn more about Coding Dojo’s campus experience in San Francisco.

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