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San Francisco is a high-tech hub, and it offers all sorts of lucrative opportunities for the tech-minded, and as of late more and more women have been able to break into the tech field in this exciting city. Coding bootcamps such as Hackbright Academy offer training programs designed to help women get an education in software engineering in a fraction of the time required at four-year colleges.


In this article, we look at Hackbright Academy San Francisco and delve deep into their courses. We provide information on the curricula, campus, tuition costs, and student outcomes. Our look into the school also gives you insight into their career support program and helps you understand what to expect during the admissions process.


School Overview


Hackbright Academy is a sibling school to the DevMountain coding schools and focuses on an often-underserved sector of the tech market. The school was founded to empower women of diverse backgrounds and provide them with the necessary skills to help them start a new tech career.


Hackbright’s mission is to impact the current ratio of women in tech jobs and help women establish themselves in the industry.


Hackbright Academy San Francisco 


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Hackbright aims to help San Francisco women get a tech education.


Hackbright Academy’s campus is located at 683 Sutter St. in San Francisco. The campus in Lower Nob Hill is close to Union Square, public transportation, and shopping and dining. Facilities include amenities such as lounge, kitchen, and study areas as well as lecture halls, labs, and classrooms.


Hackbright focuses on a software engineering program, and it offers prep courses to help students get ready for the main program and work in a high-paying sector.


Software Engineering


The school’s main offering is an immersive software engineering course. The bootcamp is available as either a full-time 12-week program or a part-time 24-week course, during which time students train in:


  • Core programming—logistics, Git and Github, algorithms, and other intro material.
  • Data structure and APIs—topics include advanced command line, dictionaries, and Markov chains.
  • Web technology—subjects include HTML, CSS, Flask, Bootstrap, and testing. 
  • Databases and JavaScript—JavaScript and database topics such as jQuery, SQL, and relational databases.
  • Focuses on Python as a foundational programming language.
  • Data modeling and machine learning—subjects include data modeling, project planning, machine learning, and SQLAlchemy.
  • Projects and project technologies—advanced technologies, independent projects
  • Projects and comp sci/data structures—topics include graphs, sorting, trees, runtime, independent projects, and linked lists.
  • Demo and interview prep—learn how to deploy web applications, ace technical interviews, and work the whiteboard.


Software Prep Courses


Hackbright offers preparatory courses to help students gear up for class and get an early taste of software development. The school has a five-week Prep Course that runs on evenings and weekends, and it also offers an online Python 101 course to help new techies get their feet wet.


Admissions Process


Hackbright recommends that prospective students have at least 40 hours of coding experience before applying for the software engineering bootcamp. You can pick up that experience on your own or through the school’s prep courses.


When you have the prerequisite experience, begin your application by filling out a form online. Applicants then meet with an admissions counselor for a technical assessment. Then, admitted students select their preferred cohort and payment option.


Finance Options


Tuition for the school’s software engineering program is $16,895. Students have several different payment options:


  • Payment upfront—full, upfront payment allows students to avoid additional fees.
  • Deferred tuition—Hackbright defers payment until the graduate lands a position in the industry. At that time, the graduate begins making monthly payments. This option includes a $2,899 fee.
  • Financing—Hackbright partners with Skills Fund Financing to provide students with loans.
  • Scholarships—the school provides scholarships to at-need students.




Hackbright includes career support classes that run throughout the course. Students learn how to network and develop their interview skills, and they meet with career counselors during their time at the school.


Former students have left plenty of reviews on SanFranciscoBootcamps. Graduates recommend the school for it’s challenging and comprehensive curriculum, and Hackbright’s support system gets high marks as well.




Hackbright’s bootcamp has a high price tag, but the curriculum and support staff are top-notch. The school meets a need in the tech community and gives motivated women a head start in their tech careers.


All in all, Hackbright Academy San Francisco is a pricey but worthwhile training opportunity for San Francisco women looking to break into the tech world.

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