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San Francisco has long been known as a tech hub, which makes it an ideal home base for people with technical skills. To find the best tech jobs in the city, you need to know where to look. Having a notion of the fastest-growing industries in San Francisco helps you identify the right profession for your interests. When you have a grasp on the top tech fields in Silicon Valley, you know how to direct your studies and training.

Our guide gives you information about some of the hottest tech professions. We look at the best San Francisco tech industries and let you know the tech skills those industries require. We also give you information on what study and training will help you qualify for the top jobs. With our assistance and some effort on your part, you’ll be a tech superstar and can look forward to a lifetime of satisfying gigs and top pay.

Web Development

Tiles spelling out the word WEB

If you can tame the web, you’ve got a job for life.

Web development has been one of the fastest-growing industries in San Francisco for years, and it’s not slowing down at all. If anything, the field has gotten more vital as e-commerce and the internet at large have evolved. Websites are vital to the success of many companies. San Francisco web design firms do brisk business, and they’d love to get their hands on an eager web developer like yourself.  

Being a top-notch web coder requires a variety of skills. Of course, you’ll want to have a deep reserve of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript. Knowledge of more languages than these can only help your job prospects. Get familiar with the development cycle, which is as important for web developers as it is for other coders. And take the time to improve your soft skills; a demonstrated ability to communicate well can land you some sweet gigs.

Game Development

Cartridges of old Atari games

With patience and study, you too can design Pac-man.

Video games used to be a form of media that got no respect and seemed to be a playground for children. The sector has matured, though, and it now outearns music and film in often instances. San Francisco has some fantastic game studios that would be delighted to reward your game development knowledge with a job and fat paychecks. Consider training for game development if you want to get in on the ground floor of a growth industry.

Like other types of coders, game developers rely upon their programming language skills first and foremost. Study Objective-C, Java, C++, and JavaScript to create a solid foundation for game development. Perhaps as important as your coding chops are your creativity and drive, so build some games on your own before you start applying for jobs. Your self-made games will demonstrate your enthusiasm to hiring managers. 


A stethoscope on a medical chart

Tech jobs in healthcare abound.

As our population ages, more and more healthcare facilities are springing up. Healthcare is a growth industry, medical practices are being set up daily and San Francisco is no exception to the rule. The Bay Area is filled up to its eyeballs with new clinics, labs, and hospitals, and they all need to secure their data while communicating with each other. This sounds like a job for a network engineer! To the Networkmobile, my young chum!

Techies with a mechanical inclination often do the best in network engineering as troubleshooting and repairing issues is a huge part of the job. Get your training by studying for and passing certification exams offered by Cisco and Sun; in doing so, you’ll have to build your own networks and will get practical, hands-on experience with networking equipment and architecture. 


A person counts money next to several smartphones

Keep those dollars rolling in, and make serious bank for your troubles.

Every day it gets a little easier to spend money online without worrying about theft or fraud. Much of that is thanks to e-commerce developers, who work on new and more secure web-based purchasing processes. E-commerce development companies in the bay area are on the rise, and they’d love to hire you and stuff money into your wallet. If you have a knack for programming and enjoy challenges, you’ll enjoy a career in e-commerce.

In addition to the usual programming skills, such as understanding the development cycle, e-commerce developers need a whole other spectrum of skills. Get conversant with how PayPal, eBay, and Amazon handle transactions and become familiar with restful APIs and frameworks. Knowledge of Ruby on Rails and SQL is essential as well.

So there you go, folks. San Francisco is an ideal launching point for a tech career, and it helps to know which fields need techies today. In this guide, we examine the top tech fields in San Francisco. Here’s a list of tech salaries in San Francisco that you may want to read. We also help you know what to study to become a qualified and competitive candidate for a job in one of these fields.

Do you have any thoughts on the best San Francisco tech industries? Please let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check our Most In-demand Skills in San Francisco guide.

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