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According to the Call of Duty Endowment and ZipRecruiter study, 33 percent of Veterans are underemployed, which means that every third Veteran has a lack of paid work or work that does not fully utilize their talents and abilities.

This has led a majority of Veterans to switch to tech careers due to reasons like growth potential, salary prospects, and job availability. The same report revealed that some of the most common tech job titles for Veterans in tech include business development managers, network engineers, and IT consultants.

To encourage more Veterans to make the jump, some coding schools like Coding Dojo accept VA education benefits to cover the tuition. Find out how you can use your GI Bill® to attend a Coding Dojo Bootcamp and hear from Veterans who have already graduated from Coding Dojo.

Coding Dojo

Learn Software Development at Coding Dojo as a Veteran

Veterans can enroll in Coding Dojo’s in-person Full-Time Software Development program in either San Jose or Burbank, California. The program is beginner-friendly and walks Veterans through the fundamentals and key tools of web and software development in 14 weeks.

It includes a three-stack program where students embrace hands-on learning, receive comprehensive support from Coding Dojo instructors and staff, and have access to the school’s learning platform. Graduates and alumni have unlimited access to the school’s career services team, which has successfully placed thousands of alumni around the country.

How to Use Your Veteran Education Benefits to Attend Coding Dojo Bootcamp

An infographic showing how Veterans can use their education benefits to attend Coding Dojo

To enroll in Coding Dojo’s Software Development Onsite Full-Time Bootcamp, Veterans must complete the following steps.

1. Fill out an application on Coding Dojo’s website.
2. Attend an interview with a member of Coding Dojo’s Admissions staff.
3. Obtain a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and a copy of your Proof of Service (DD Form 214, DD Form 256, or DD NGB 22).
4. Send the documents to Coding Dojo’s Veteran team for verification.
5. Sign enrollment contract.

If you’ve already applied, all you have to do now is send Coding Dojo a screenshot or scan of your certificate for verification. For further information, go to the eBenefits homepage.

According to the benefit level mentioned on your Certificate of Eligibility, your Veteran education benefits can pay up to 100 percent of the cost of your tuition at Coding Dojo. Your benefit level is determined by the number of years you have served in the military. Housing benefits are also available to most eligible Veterans. The amount of housing assistance varies depending on where you live.

You can make an appointment with Coding Dojo’s admissions team to get the answers to all of your questions about the school. You can also get in touch with a Coding Dojo Veteran benefits team member who reviews Veteran applications and can confirm your benefits eligibility during the application process.

Veterans at Coding Dojo: Success Stories

Coding Dojo prides itself in helping Veterans reskill and break into the world of tech. Here are some of the stories that will motivate you to enroll in Coding Dojo as a Veteran.

Tom Hollingshead: From US Marine Corps Service to Integration Engineering

Tom Hollingshead was an Avionics Technician in the US Marine Corps from 2013 to 2017, after which he worked as a quality assurance representative for General Dynamics, a major aerospace and defense business. Wanting to explore other career opportunities in tech, Tom used his VA Education benefits to cover his full tuition for Coding Dojo’s Software Development bootcamp.

After the bootcamp, Tom looked into how he could use his newly acquired coding abilities in the avionics sector. A few months after graduation, Tom landed a position as an Integration Engineer III at a local aerospace manufacturer.

His advice to future Coding Dojo students? “If you could apply what you learned to your current trade or to side projects or to things that you can do with other people, do it, have fun with it. Now you have this thing and you can just create whenever you want. Just build. That’s beautiful. Don’t ever lose that tenacity, don’t ever lose that wonder, don’t ever lose that curiosity, because that’s what this is all about.”

Justin Honey: From the US Air Force Service to Software Engineering

From 2008 through 2012, Justin Honey served in the United States Air Force. After returning to civilian life, he worked as a mental health technician, before moving on to an auto detailing company. Justin continued to seek out opportunities that allow him to use his strong work ethic and grit. That’s when he heard about acquaintances who were making a reasonable living after only a few months of learning software development.

Justin then enrolled in Coding Dojo’s Software Development bootcamp.

“I enrolled in the Tulsa campus at first because I was along the way. But then I found out that the Bellevue campus actually took the GI Bill®. So I was about to take out the loans and do all that stuff and then I found out I didn’t need to. I only had five months left so it was kind of… ‘sign me up.’”

He committed his time and effort to look over the pre-course work, which came in handy when he progressed to the Python stack’s algorithms. After completing the bootcamp, Justin secured a software engineering job at the company that controls tolls for the trucking sector.

Paul Yoon: From Police Officer and Veteran to Software Engineer

For the first two years of his military service, Paul Yoon worked as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, then as an artillery surveyor. Following his military service, Paul worked as a police officer in Los Angeles for nearly five years. Despite a stable career in law enforcement, Paul knew that he had other interests that he wanted to pursue.

“I’ve always had some interest in coding,” says Paul. “When I was an adolescent, a couple of my friends and I explored basic HTML and CSS, as well as how to build web and mobile applications. But I grew distant. A lot of my friends became software engineers, and they encouraged me to look into it once my family was more settled.”

“I had a stable career. I’d just bought a house. I was comfortable. But I had this mental struggle: If I stay here, accept and try to be happy with what I have, I’m settling. Do I want to live with regret, or would I rather take some time, make a few sacrifices and try it out?”

Knowing the financial and scheduling burdens associated with going back to the university, Paul opted for a much quicker path to tech: coding bootcamps. Particularly, Coding Dojo.

“Coding Dojo split it up into three different stacks, and that was more what I was looking for. I wanted to get my feet wet, understand certain stacks and experiment with them,” he shares.

After completing his training, Paul landed a software engineering apprenticeship at Twilio, a developer platform for communications. Seven months later, he was offered a position as a full-time software engineer at the company and has been there for over a year.

Reskill in Tech with Coding Dojo

Many Veterans are looking for chances to put their military experience to good use after completing their services. To help them launch a new and fitting career, Coding Dojo offers immersive software development training, which may be covered up to 100 percent using their VA education benefits.

If you are a Veteran and want to learn more about how Coding Dojo can help you become a software developer, you can visit the website. If you’re ready to follow in Tom, Justin, and Paul’s footsteps, start your application for the Software Development bootcamp today.

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