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There’s no disputing it, San Francisco is one of the busiest places to work. With a population of just under 1 million people, San Francisco is expected to continue to grow  as more tech companies flock to Silicon Valley. We all know how it goes, with more demand comes more people, and more people results in less space. 


Let’s take a different look at this. Where do you like to work? Where are you most productive? Some people work from their bed sitting in their pajamas. Others may have a home office or take up residence on the couch in order to complete a good day’s work. No matter where you like to work, one thing is always inevitable. You might get bored. 


We as humans are conditioned to always be changing. Doing the same thing, in the same location day in and day out can become monotonous and boring. That’s why remote workers or  those looking to get a bit of work done out of the office, usually flock to coffee shops and libraries to get work done. Getting out of the house isn’t only healthy, it usually leads to more productivity. 


When a numerous amount of workers wish to work outside of their homes, they may run into the same problem. There’s no space. Coffee shops fill up fast and libraries are sometimes filled with rambunctious children. Until recently, there was really no way for like minded professionals to get together and work in a productive atmosphere outside of the home. 


Like everything in San Francisco, the way we work has absolutely changed. With new innovations and trends popping up almost daily in Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise that we’ve gone on to solve one of the most annoying problems plaguing workers today. That is where coworking spaces come in. Let’s dive into the world of coworking as we give you the insider info on the best coworking spaces in San Francisco. 


The Rise of Coworking Spaces


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Will coffee shop work still be relevant with coworking spaces around?

It feels like it’s happened over night. It’s like how you might think you’re going crazy because you can’t stop seeing coffee shops popping up everywhere. Literally, there’s five of them on one block, and you’re  wondering how you’ve never noticed before. 


Coworking spaces are the “coffee shops” of the digital age. They’re everywhere. We have no idea how it happened so fast, but we love it. 


In 2018, a little over 2,000 new coworking spaces opened across the world. It’s estimated that around 1,000 of them were opened in the United States. The rise of coworking spaces is projected to grow at about 15% a year. 


While coworking spaces may be new, the concept is actually something that dates back to ancient times. In the midst of Greek and Roman innovations, it was common for great minds to want to collaborate together. It’s actually biologically compatible with who we are as humans. Most humans crave social interaction.


 As adults, it’s sometimes harder to immerse yourself in a world where that’s possible. We’re constantly busy individuals running in a thousand directions. Running a race with others is less lonely than running it alone. 


What does this mean for San Francisco? First, it means that SF is about to become more productive. Coworking spaces are good news for professionals, especially, freelancers and those who work remotely. 


Research shows that by 2020, an estimated 40% of the United States workforce will be comprised of freelance and remote workers. While some of these workers choose to work from home, many find the prospect of working at a coworking space engaging and enlightening for their productivity.


San Francisco is home to a variety of startups and tech companies. As the need for space grows, demand for real estate and proper working space skyrockets. If you haven’t heard, real estate prices in San Francisco are through the roof. For a small business or individual worker looking to work outside of the home, coworking spaces provide the most cost-effective option for a dedicated workspace. 


What Makes a Good Coworking Space?


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What should you look for in a coworking space?


How can you decide which of these coworking spaces are worth your time and money? These are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping around for a coworking space.


1. Productivity


The entire reason for going to a coworking space is to well, work. As fun and engaging as coworking spaces are, they really serve one purpose, to make you more productive. Be on the lookout for quiet and private coworking spaces that offer enough room for you to spread out and get comfortable. However, make sure not to get too comfortable because after all, there’s still the “work” part of coworking. 


2. Price 


If you’re used to working in coffee shops and libraries for free or super cheap, you may be in for a shock when you look at some of these coworking space’s prices. A dedicated desk at one of these spaces could easily set you back $125 to $1,000+ a month. However, if you’re running your own business or are in a financial position where paying a monthly fee makes sense, then feel free to carry on with your coworking space search.


3. Community


One of the biggest perks of coworking spaces is the social atmosphere. Many coworking spaces regularly have mixers and other networking events for professionals to get to know one another. While perks aren’t everything, coworking spaces are notorious for offering some pretty sweet perks included in your monthly membership. These can range from free food, gyms, parking, and class opportunities. 

With so many coworking spaces competing for members, it’s safe to say that with the rise of competition, comes even more perks for potential customers. 


Best Coworking Spaces in San Francisco


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Would you consider working at a coworking space?


San Francisco has a multitude of diverse coworking spaces. With so many different options to choose from, we can’t possible sift through them all. We can, however, share some of the most popular and well known coworking spaces in the Silicon Valley area to help narrow your search.  So, what are some of the best coworking spaces in San Francisco?


1. Workshop Cafe


Workshop Cafe features a comfortable and low-key work setting located in both San Francisco’s Financial District and SoMa neighborhoods. Patrons pay by the hour and prices vary based on how long you stay and the number of people on your team. $3.50 an hour will get you a regular desk while $60 an hour will get you a ten person conference room.


Perks of the space include diverse seating, flexible hours, and an on-site restaurant. 


2. The Hivery 


This coworking space is entirely unique because it  is dedicated to women only. While technically located 14 miles north of San Francisco in Mill Valley, the Hivery is still home to a bustling community of motivated professionals. Coworking subscriptions start at $295 for eight days per month while unlimited access costs $395. 


3.  WeWork


If you keep up with financial news at all, you may have heard the term WeWork before. WeWork is a multinational coworking community that spans across several US cities and continents. WeWork has had a pretty busy year. From a near IPO on the US Stock Exchange to a shift in senior leadership, WeWork has proved that they’re a force to be reckoned with. 


WeWork has 11 locations in San Francisco alone. San Francisco WeWork pricing varies based on your desired WeWork location.


Individual membership costs range from $350 to $1,000 per month. This number varies depending on if you want an open coworking desk, your own dedicated desk, or your own private office. 


For teams and small businesses the price rises further with monthly costs ranging from $1,200 to $27,000. 


4. Galvanize


If you’re working in the tech industry, building your own app, or just have a love of coding, you know the importance of working alongside like minded and motivated people. Brought to you by the actual coding bootcamp, Galvanize is both a coding bootcamp and a coworking space. 


With students constantly moving about the space, you’ll be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in tech. Located in SoMa, this coworking space is perfect for tech-minded, motivated individuals. Open seating starts at $550 per month, reserved desks are $750 per month, and private suites are $3,800 per month. 


5. Covo


Covo emphasises wellness and community throughout their coworking space. Located in SoMa, this space is always bustling with professionals. There are a multitude of generous perks available including dry cleaning, nap rooms, bicycle rooms, food and drinks, and even futuristic toilets. Hourly access starts at $4 per hour, opening seating starts at $419 per month.


What’s the Takeaway?


Are coworking spaces the future of remote work?


Coworking spaces are effectively changing the way we collaborate and get work done. As you advance through your career and continue to climb the ladder of the tech industry, you may find yourself drawn to the excitement and prosperity of these coworking spaces. With more opportunity for networking and productivity, coworking spaces may just be the future of work as we know it. 


As you continue to grow throughout your coding journey, keeping yourself informed of the industry’s latest happenings will be absolutely vital to your career success. That’s why we’re here to keep you updated and motivated as you follow your programming goals and prepare yourself to break into tech! 

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